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Artist's Bios

Des Kleineibst who was born in 1956’s passion is to use photography as his media to create prints reflecting the beauty of nature particularly seascapes, landscapes and textures.

Since 1980 Des has been working as an automotive advertising photographer in South Africa and internationally and lately he has been photographing classis and exotic car collectors for collectors worldwide.

Photography has always been and will always be about THE LIGHT ( derived from the Greek “photos’’ for “light’’ and “graphos” for “drawing” ).  Without using the light intelligently all you have is a record of the scene.

Backlighting and side lighting are his preferred lighting directions, often combined with cloudy weather to add drama and excitement to the scene.

His fine art goal is to achieve an end result that reflects his vision and intention at the time – not necessarily reality - and in doing so, to bring pleasure to the viewer.

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Malcolm Dare (1962) was always going to follow the arts. Growing up in Lesotho, he could be found wandering around the family-owned Kolonyama pottery, where he later learned the craft and worked as a potter.

After a chance encounter with a well known and established photographer, Malcolm changed direction and has been passionate about photography ever since.
He has been working as a commercial photographer since 1990 in South Africa and The Netherlands. Malcolm has shot many big campaigns, specializing in food, bottle, fashion, and jewelry photography. His work is seen in many major publications, campaigns, and billboards locally and internationally. Malcolm has been a leading light in digital photography and has run workshops in New York, Cologne and around South Africa.

When doing his own work, Malcolm approaches his work as a painting: he starts with a blank canvas and uses the light as his paint. He loves photographing people and wildlife as much as he loves photographing inanimate objects, and he will use the object and light to tell a story.
“My camera and the light are my medium of choice to express my art”.

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Mike Kaplan has been in the advertising and design industry since 1977. He studied Industrial Design at the Ealing College of Higher Education in London, during which time he developed an interest in Graphic Design and Photography. After two and a half years, he was offered a position as an assistant Art Director with J. Walter Thompson back in Cape Town. He remained with them for over five years, working in all aspects of the print media, conceptualising and directing television commercials, creating packaging design and below-the-line material.

In 1983 Berry Bush de Villiers di Bella & Bellamy then approched him as an Art Director and was made a Director of the company. BBDDB later established a specialised company to handle all aspects of below-the-line design. He ran the company for four years as Managing Director and Design Head. In April 1994 he resigned and continued doing design work on a freelance basis.

In May 1995, Mike moved to Knysna where he established himself as a successful  designer, specialising in logo development, packaging and graphic design.

Mike developed an interest in photography during the 70's and has pursued that passion over the years, particularly landscape photography. During 2012, he developed an interest in capturing the flow of water in time - this led to his current exploration of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and long exposure seascapes and trying to impart a sense of mood and movement to his images.

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Clive Stewart

Currently living in Cape Point area South Africa and have a 4 year national higher diploma in photography. My 25 year career has revolved primarily around commercial advertising photography, working on many large brands and winning numerous international awards.

Although still involved in advertising , my love for nature takes me in another direction of fine art photography which includes landscapes and microscopic photography. Vastly different from advertising but equally exciting ,with new challenges of trying to create and showcase these images of insane detail and exquisite beauty. This new found direction is due to my compassion and respect for all of our natural world and includes everything from everyday type landscapes we occupy and call our home , to the smallest of insects and the plants they occupy and call their home.

To shoot in micro I utilise special optics and computerised stacking methods , which allows me to traverse over a subject matter of just a few mm in size. I do this by shooting in microns of measurement and one image alone can take up to 9000 frames [ 70 GB ] of information to complete. Many weeks of compositing and stitching then occur to finally create these 2m x 2m prints of grandeur scale ! Only this amount of extreme detail can truly do them and the world they live in justice and in turn help us understand more by appreciating its beauty !

As a person I continually strive to be creative in mind , thought and execution !